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Veterinary Diagnostics You Can Count On In Huntsville, Alabama

At Towne Park Animal Care Center, our veterinarians and technicians utilize various veterinary tools to screen for and diagnose disease. Certain laboratory tests can also help us understand if a pet is responding to therapeutic plans. Our advanced diagnostics are exceptionally convenient and reliable, especially when we need results quickly.

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A Complete Health Profile

Diagnostics are as valuable a tool for preventive health as they are for urgent cases. While a physical examination is vital to understand what’s going on with a pet, we often need more details to fully assess and evaluate health. Laboratory tests help us spot the presence of underlying diseases.

Blood Work

We analyze rapid results of standard blood chemistry and complete blood count (CBC) tests in our in-house lab, and refer out for results as well. These results present crucial evidence of overall health, and can point us in other directions. The diagnosis of specific diseases can be effectively linked to accurate test results.

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Many common conditions affecting pets today, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease can be caught early and diagnosed through a standard urinalysis test. The faster diseases like this can be caught, the better chance we have to treat them.

Fecal Tests

Because pets can be vulnerable to various internal parasites, it is essential to screen for illness despite the absence of symptoms. Many parasitic infections can also spread throughout the home to other pets and can even expose human family members to illness. Requesting an annual fecal analysis can provide peace of mind that your pet is free of worms and other parasitic infections.

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Digital Radiographs

Pet X-rays provide highly-detailed images of structural systems in the body that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many injuries. Digital radiographs can be done quickly so we can find the best treatment as soon as possible. Low radiation makes digital radiographs the best choice for rapid identification.

We rely on digital radiographs during dental cleanings and procedures. Since periodontal disease affects tissue beneath the gum line, these X-rays provide vital details.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Being able to see real-time moving pictures of the internal organs aids in the detection of various illnesses and injuries. Ultrasounds are perfectly safe and they allow us to see what is happening inside the body. They can be conducted safely both with or without anesthesia or sedation.

The More We Know

Your pet’s health is our number one priority, and our advanced diagnostics promote early detection and effective treatment. That means you and your pet can have more time together.

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