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Towne Park Animal Care Center: More Good Years Together

Towne Park Animal Care Center: More Good Years Together

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Welcome to Towne Park Animal Care Center, your one-stop shop for all your pet’s needs. Positioned at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics, cancer care, surgery, and medical technology, we work with you toward optimal pet health. When it comes to providing excellent veterinary care and friendly, efficient service, Towne Park Animal Care Center is here for your pet.

The Legacy of Veterinary Excellence

The profound connection to the animals we serve started many years ago and, as a second generation veterinarian-led hospital, continues to thrive in our practice today.

Our veterinarian, Dr. John Mark Russell, and his dedicated team of technical staff offer the highest veterinary standards to our patients, and unparalleled customer service.

About Us Meet Our Team

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An Innovative Approach

Working together, we create health goals and treatment plans that focus on prevention. A proactive approach can maintain a pet’s health, supporting both longevity and vitality.

Innovations in veterinary technology allow us to offer the following comprehensive services that are equal to those found in human medicine:

We love the care and level of service provided by Dr. Russell!

A True Collaboration

We share the same goal with pet owners: to ensure optimal health for as long as possible. Primarily serving Huntsville’s cats and dogs, Towne Park Animal Care Center supports animal comfort, happiness, and quality of life. Our range of services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individual pets.

We look forward to educating our clients on the many ways to elevate pet care at home like dental care, nutrition, and daily exercise, you can positively impact health and wellness. We strive to empower our growing community of pet owners to take their pet’s health to the greatest possible level.

Stop By, Stay Awhile

Towne Park Animal Care Center also offers Veterinary Boarding and Daycare! Your pet doesn’t have to be a patient of ours to sign up for these value-packed experiences. While in our care, however, it’s nice to know they can receive supportive veterinary care if needed.

Short or long-term boarding is an excellent option for pet owners that want peace of mind. With an eye on safety and relaxation, our boarding facility seperates cats and dogs. We work hard so our guests can enjoy a little peace and quiet!

Daycare provides valuable structure and enrichment to an active pet’s day. With many opportunities to learn new skills, daycare guests make a variety of social connections while burning off excess energy.

Learn More About Boarding Learn More About Daycare

More good years together with Lucky

The key to enjoyment in a pet’s senior years hinges on the protection and maintenance of their health throughout each stage of life. We help pets of any age achieve optimal wellness.

We are excited to meet your pet! Please call us at (256) 513-9942 or schedule an appointment here.

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